AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56

Vega vega vega…. After two years of waiting, AMD are finally ready to lunch there new mainstream high-end graphics card.
Meet AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56, which AMD aimed has a direct competion for the Nivdia’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Nividia has been GPU market leaders and mainstream choice for a very long time, leave AMD at second place.

So back to Vega, after waiting for about two years for AMD lunch Vega, those Vega worth the wait and hype?
Well be frank not really, but nevertheless AMD did manage to make Vega a true competitor of Nividia GTX 1080 and 1070 in both performance and pricing. The Vega 64 will be available in two physical varient: Air cooled and Water cooled.

AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 Specifications

AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 Specifications


Starting @ $399 for AMD vega 56 and $499 for AMD vega 64, the Vega 56 and 64 is defianatly go head to head with Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and 1080, and not just in price point but also in performance.


AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 Benckmarks

AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 Benckmarks

During benchmarks, the result shows that Vega 64 is faster interms of raw performs than GTX 1080 but not something that will make you fly. But for Vega 56 that were things started getting interesting, as in Chinebanch and Adobe Media Encoder the Vega 56 even though cheaper than GTX 1080, manage to faster than the GTX 1080.

But in terms of gaming… well the Vega 64 manage more FPS in some games like CS:GO, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but overall gaming performance the GTX 1080 archives more FPS than Vega 64.
For Vega 56 it did pretty decent job than it big brother, has able to pass GTX 1070 in almost all tested games.

For finally TDP or should I say thermals, well that were AMD let down, has both the Vega 64 and 56 are power hunger.
Vega 64 @ 53 TDP on idle to 310 TDP on syenthic load, and Vega 56 @ 45 TDP on idle to 250 TDP on Syenthic load.

AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 TDP

Overall I will have AMD 7/10 for their first line up of the Vega series. Also in terms of gaming performance I believe with drivers update and game optimization will should see more FPS in the future. But with the Vega 64 and 56 I don’t think AMD will be able to over take Nividia in the GPU market, unlike CPU market with Ryzen with Intel. As Nvidia still have more powerful GPU like 1080 TI and TAITAN X. But nevertheless AMD are surely back on track and ready to game.


So what your thought about AMD RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56?

Benchmark image: LinusTechTips

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