Here Are The Top Features In Android O

 Android O is here… what? so soon? most people ain’t even seen Nougat yet. Anyway Android released it first  developer preview build of it next upcoming Android version on March 21. Which is a little bit early has we were anticipating it doing it next month annual Google I/O event.

The developers preview is available or the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus Player, so if you have any of these devices then you can have it a try.

 Android O Top Features

At first you might not really much of a different still you go through the OS deeply

New Notifications channel/Drawer

In Android O the notification channel is a lot more cleaner than previous android version. With smaller and well organize icon, and An amazing new animation for revealing the notification channel.Android O

Snooze notifications

These one of the new notification channel feature, like when you having alot of notifications for a specific app and you don’t want want to put your phone on  silent, you easily swipe the notification from left and snooze it.

Android O Snooze notifications

Contextual text aware selection

So these has to do with highlight/selection of text, as you usually get copy,cut… now it in kind of a contextually way.  Like if you highlight a address you see a google icon which you view immediately.Android O Contextual text aware selection

New Settings menu

One of new feature you can easily notice in Android O is the settings menu. Unlike like the Nougat with sidebar and alot of settings, the settings menu now looks alot cleaner and easy to use. With white and black color scheme.

Android O Settings menu

System UI Tuner

Another new cool feature in  Android O you can enable the System UI Tuner to tweak certain things in Android O according to your personal preferences. The system UI Tuner can be found under Settings > System. It contains four areas: status bar, do not disturb, navigation bar and lock screen.Android O System UI Tuner

Navigation bar Customization

In the system UI tuner you can customize the layout of the navigation bar you your liking, either choose between normal,compact ,left-leaning or right-leaning Mode(for people with large-screened devices). And you can also add extra button like chipboard button to navigation bar.Android O Navigation bar

Lockscreen Customization

Also in the system UI tuner you can customize the the lockscreen shortcut like in Nougat, to swipe from the left to lunch google now and from the right to lunch camera. So you can now customize the shortcut to any app of your choice.

 Android O Lockscreen Customization

Other Features Of Android O

  • Autofill system wide

  • Wide-gamut color

  • HiFi Bluetooth audio

  • Picture-in-picture like in Iphone

  • Adaptive icons


So what name do you think Android O will be name after? Oreo? Oatmeal cookie? Orangeade????

Image Source: MKBHD

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