Google Building It Own AdBlocker Into Chrome

At first i was thinking, seriously google, what are they doing building their own adBlocker into chrome. But it not as you may be thinking, as we all know that google revalue coming from, last year alone they made nearly $20 billion in advertising revenue, why than are there doing by building an ad blocker into chrome.

 AdBlocker Into Chrome


According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s adBlocker in both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome will only target certain types of ads — like pop-ups, pre-load landing pages, and auto-playing ads and other annoying ads.Currently Google has more than a billion Chrome users on smartphones and tablets alone which make  Chrome to have about 53% of the overall browsing market.Even blocking specific kinds of ads could lead to a lot of lost ad revenue. Google can’t be really happy about these their we development but nevertheless it will still be a good thing for them, reasons :

  1. Most Chrome users don’t usually use  the Chrome Web Store looking for apps and extensions, but many head there to grab an ad blocker.
  2. Some of the AdBlock app like,  AdBlock, has around 40 million users. AdBlock Plus has more than ten million, newcomer uBlock Origin recently crossed 8 million users and there are several other options available.Which will block both google ads and  the pop-ups, pre-load landing pages, and auto-playing ads and other annoying ads.
  3. A built-in ad blocker that automatically rolls out to billions of browsers also gives Google another kind of control leverage over advertisers, Since the adBlocker will block ads not approve by google.
  4. You will  also  not feel the need to block the ads that get displayed while you’re browsing.

So what those that mean other AdBlocker apps and extension like AdBlock and others?

well google don’t  have any say to other AdBlocker tool. Still with the google AdBlocker you might not really need to a third party adBlocker.

What do you think about google decision in building  own ad blocker into chrome?

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