Intel announces its new 8th generation Coffee Lake CPUs

Intel has announced its eighth-generation of CPUs, codename – Coffee Lake, which will compete against AMD’s Ryzen CPUs based on its Zen architecture. Intel released the Kaby Lake chips 10 months ago, and now ready unveil its new chip on October 5.

As usual the new chips include the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs in both locked and unlocked versions. The Intel Core i5 and i7 will both come with six cores, whereas the i3 will have four cores.

Intel announces its new 8th generation Coffee Lake

For now, Intel has only released the details of what it calls its “premium performance” line. Intel new 6-core/12-thread Core i7-8700K ; the chips that Intel is aiming at gamers. The CPU uses the Coffee Lake architecture, which is the replacement of the older Kaby Lake. Confusingly, Kaby Lake is still used for laptop chips. In short, if Kaby Lake was a refined version of Skylake, Coffee Lake is a super-duper refinement (also known as 14nm++).

As far as the clock speed goes, the Coffee Lake base clock is just a little more from its predecessor, Kaby Lake, but the Turbo clock compensates for that. The 8700k offers slightly more TDP to work with than the chip’s predecessors did. Put simply, Coffee Lake is a superior version of Kaby Lake built on the latest 14nm++ process node.

For the first time in a long time, Intel is expanding its range of unlocked processors and is upping the core count. This could be a reaction to AMD’s Ryzen 7, 5 and 3 lines. As AMD recent success with Ryzen, by eroding Intel’s pricing model and delivered more cores per dollar.

Intel is said that its latest processors are 32% faster in rendering 4K video editing times than its seventh-generation CPUs and up to 7.8X improved speeds in content creation tasks.

Intel announces its new 8th generation Coffee Lake

However princing, could be an issue as Intel has kept the price of its latest generation chips quite high compared to its predecessors, specifically for the high-performance K models. The 8800K comes with a price tag of $359, compared to $305 for the 7700K. For the high-end i5, one will have to pay $257, compared to $217 for the 7600K.

The other thing that’s worth keeping in mind ahead of the 8th-gen desktop chip launch is that it will require a new chipset, called Z370. This means the Z270 chipset that was introduced for Kaby Lake is already defunct and won’t accept any newer processors. That’s a bit of a bummer for anybody who made what they were hoping was a long-term investment in a Z270 motherboard. Intel sites power delivery requirements for the new chips as the reason behind the change. As a result of this, Skylake and Kaby Lake processors will not be compatible with Z370 motherboards, either. Z370 will also up supported memory speed to DDR4-2666.



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