IPhone 8 allegedly runs Geekbench, More Powerful Than Galaxy S8

Since the release of the Samsung galaxy S8, it has been the top in the smartphone market. But with Iphone 8 right at the corner, we are waiting to see what the Iphone 8 will be offering and if Samsung S8 can still retain it spot. But with the recent leaks of iphone 8 specs, we are not sure about that. One of the recent screenshot leak of the Iphone 8 allegedly runs Geekbench which was released in china by a  Weibo user purporting to depict the results obtained by the iPhone 8 after running Geekbench 4.0.

iPhone 8 allegedly runs Geekbench

From the result, we can see that Iphone 8 is is shaping up to be a beast when it comes to the raw performance of its chipset, which absolutely destroyed the competition. And if you a fan benchmark  you already know what those numbers mean. In single-core score of 4,537 is 30% better than what the iPhone 7 and the android that is closest is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 with 1,945, which definitely destroyed the Galaxy S8.

And the iPhone 8’s multi-core score is 8,975, which is 58% better than its predecessor’s. The closest Android device is he Galaxy S8+ with 6,338. That means the next iPhone performs 41% better than its Android-based competitor.

But of course as we all know benchmarks are just benchmarks as it does not fully show the real world performance. So that does mean the the next Iphone 8 will beat the  galaxy S8 in day to day performance.

An important notice, don’t take any of this for granted has it’s not impossible to fake such a screenshot. But is you believe the screenshot, then also note a few hardware details about the iPhone 8 will come with a screen resolution of 2,800×1,242, which will be taller than the Galaxy S8,runs iOS 11 and A11 chipset @2.74 GHz quad-core CPU.


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