Nintendo Switch: The Breath of the Wild Zelda Machine.

Nintendo switch is the new Nintendo console released on March 3 , 2017 , the Switch is a hybrid console, which means that it works as both a handheld device and a TV game console. One of it new features is the two Joy-Con controllers which makes it veritable; keeping them attached to the sides of the console to make a Tablet mode,you can hold one in each hand, as if you’re playing with Wii Remotes , Or you can slide them into the included Joy-Con Grip, which holds the two pieces together in a shape relatively close to (but not quite as comfortable as) a standard gaming controller.

nintendo switch
The Switch is a 6.2-inch mini tablet which is much more elegantly designed than it 2012’s predecessor, the GamePad Wii U.It well build in construction,feels expensive and demonstrates a mature refinement throughout. .
The primary focus of Nintendo is to make a practical home-and-on-the-go console, the Switch definitely nails it. It awesome playing game such as zelda wherever go, you been at home using it as a traditional console or switching it to tablet mode when on the go. While it battery life ain’t that really great ,you can at least still play it for some hours on the go. And it also support USB-C.

nintendo switch
Speaking of games , it the Breath of the Wild Zelda , over and over again , because for now Netflix and other streaming services are yet to be available. Although there promising more titles that will be available on the Switch’s online Eshop by next month.The Nintendo Switch’s 720p capacitive touchscreen measures 6.2 inches. When docked it can output up to 1080p to a TV, powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra chip,  USB ports on the left side of the dock and one hidden away behind the connection panel and HDMI-out and a USB-C power port.The Switch has 32GB of on board storage but up to 2TB storage  using a micro SD card.

In conclusion, the Nintendo switch is a pretty good and solid console , which promises new way of gaming with it new Joy-Con and tablet and traditional console mode.

Source: Cnet
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