Apple will make only OLED iPhones from 2018

Another speculating about Apple’s next iPhone. Rumor has it that Apple is planning to use OLED Displays in all its upcoming iPhone from next year.

For 2017, Apple is expected to release three new phones. An OLED iPhone 8 and two iterative updates to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which will use the same LCD displays as seen on current phones.

OLED iPhone 8 

The report says that, in 2018, all three of the new models will instead feature OLED screens. The 7s phones launching later this year will apparently be sold into early 2019. This means that Apple will still sell LCD-based iPhones for some time but all future models will use OLED panels, assuming this information is accurate.

OLED provides a sharper color contrast than LCDs and is bendable. If Apple’s 2018 plan is implemented, that will almost certainly mean OLED will become the mainstream display for first-tier smartphone brands.

But OLED displays are hard to come by and Apple doesn’t yet have the supply to accommodate an all-OLED lineup. The company has reportedly struck a deal with Samsung to make the screen for the iPhone 8 but that could limit its availability when it launches.


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