Samsung is building A 1000 fps Camera

Samsung Electronics is looking to build a new camera sensor, which is capable at shooting up to 1000 frames per second(fps).

Sony was the first to build this type of mobile camera technology, though building a dedicated on-chip camera memory on Xperia XZ Premium and XZs.

The advantage of on-chip memory is that the camera can store many frames very fast – enough to shoot 1,000fps. Streaming those to the main RAM will be too slow, so Sony built a three layer sensor for pixels, control logic and memory.

Samsung is building A 1000 fps Camera

Samsung will begin mass-producing its brand new sensor on November 17th, which would give the company plenty of time to get it ready for it next-generation smartphone(Samsung galaxy S9).

Samsung’s design is reportedly slightly different. It uses a traditional two layer chip to which a DRAM chip is bonded. Apparently this is to avoid infringing certain patents.

While Samsung’s design is not as sophisticated as Sony’s, the company has an advantage – it has in-house factories that produce both image sensors and memory chips. Sony has to rely on Micron for the 1 gigabit memory chip.


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