WhatsApp announces new text-based status features

WhatApp, technically the most used chat app in the world has surprised it users once again by the newly feature “colorful text-based status” for both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp announces new text-based status features
Now users can now post status updates in colourful text, in a way somewhat similar to how you can do it on Facebook. And other features about this new update is that, users can now change the font style for a text, without having to place the required text between asterisks, underscore, or tildes. After a long press on a word, a little menu pops up asking for Cut, Copy or Paste options with three little dots at the end. Just tap on those, and it will open a more detailed menu. Here a user will see options for Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Monoplace and as well as the Share option. And you still have control over the privacy.
So how do use this new text-based status?
Yep, it simple. All you gotta to do is just to update your whatApp to the latest version. After you have done that go to the Status tab and look for the floating pencil button on the bottom right. And there you go, you can now tell the whole world you are hungry in colour and style.

So guys, what do you think about thess new features?

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