WhatsApp Update: Now Lets You Share Any File Type

WhatsApp been the most popular messaging app has been rolling out a lot of WhatsApp update and new feature over the years to it platform. Which most ain’t important or notifiable feature, but before judge or totally ignore the latest update, you should know that it now allow sharing of any file type like Apk, MP3 files, AVI video e.t.c.

These features had been under testing in WhatsApp beta for Android for some time now. But it is now available so you should probably update your WhatsApp if you haven’t done so already.

The latest update allows 128MB file sharing limit for iOS, 100MB limit for Android users and 64MB limit for web client.

WhatsApp Update

Other New WhatsApp Update include:

Sharing of photo at original quality – WhatsApp will stop compressing your photos, meaning that you can now send original photos and not worry about the quality being downgraded due to compression.

Text Formatting – When typing text in a chat window, users can now tap and hold to select the text to easily bold, strikethrough, or italicise.

Shared Media Bundling  –  WhatsApp users will now be able to send a bunch of photos to their friends, who will receive them bundled as an album and not as before, one after another.

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